Custom Login.vm not displaying Login Screen properly after upgrade

Hello Community,

After upgrading to DHIS2.38 from DHIS2.35, the custom login screen displays broken images.

A screenshot of the broken images of the login screen looks like below

The image of the login screen before the upgrade looks like below

The custom login.vm file is found here

What could be the problem?

Hi @kwebihaf,
Let’s please test at the browser level and see if there any errors that might give us hint why the page isn’t loading as expected. Please see instructions for taking a screenshot:


The screenshot is below for what appears under the Console Tab. In Network Tab there are no errors. However for the Images to be displayed, it returns HTTP status code of 302, redirect in the Network Tab. It is supposed to return HTTP status code of 200 for those images that are to be displayed

The screenshot for the Network Tab is below

Yes, thanks @kwebihaf! It’s not clear what’s causing this issue. Could you try the default login page first? Does it work? If it does, how about changing back to your custom login page and then restarting the instance? - did you try restarting? Are there any errors in the Catalina.out log?


@Gassim There are no errors reported in Catalina.out logs