Custom List in DHIS2 in Tracker Capture

Hi DHIS Community,

We are implementing DHIS 2.34.1 in our project. We are trying to create custom list by using tracked entity instance filter .Can you please help me out how can I define this filters from DHIS UI.

Hi Ramesh,

Are you looking for a line list? If so, you can use event reports and change table type from pivot table to Line list:

Then from there you can simply select the data elements that you want to appear on the list and export to excel if needed.


Hi Jesplana,

Thanks for the reply. I am not looking for any event reports am looking for custom list in DHIS tracker capture please find the screen shot for your reference.if you see the screen shot i have made these custom lists from tracked entity instance filters API(http://localhost:8080/dhis/api/trackedEntityInstanceFilters).My question is there any way to create these list from DHIS UI instead of using API.