Custom Dimension Filter is not applicable for single value dashboard

We created some dashboard on Dhis version 2.37 with the single value,But when we use Unassigned dimension with the group of “category option Combination” with Category.We used the Dimension as filter for Single value.

Any thought?

Welcome to the community @Ravikumar!

Please, what is the use case and what is the expected result that you want to get? Could you please share the steps to reproduce the issue? It will make it easier to understand.

Thank you!

Thanks @Gassim for replying!
Hope these will help you to understand my query on custom dimension.

In Data Visualizer, we have some customs filter in Your dimension section, but when we applied dimension into filter section. Data is not filtering.
Count was same only with filter & without filter.

So your question is customs filter is work for single value.

For References please refer the screenshot also.

Hi @Ravikumar

Thanks for the clarification!

Yes, custom dimensions work with single values. If they work on the other charts, they’re supposed to work on the single value as well.

I was able to filter a single value using Gender in the play instance, see screenshot:

Hi Gassim,

Thanks for the information!

We are using Categoryoptiongroup and Categoryoptiongroupset as custom dimension in the Data Visualizer.

We create one Categoryoptiongroup as MSI and mapped some categoryoption. And Now, we use MSI as custom dimension in the Data Visualizer