Custom DHIS2 app for data entry and dashboard

The custom Android app that we plan to develop will have data entry option in tracker and aggregate, as well as would need local dashboards to be displayed to the user who is using the app. But in the Android skeleton app I do not see any visualisation or dashboard. Does it mean, I have to make another app for local level reporting using the dhis2-android-dashboard-app?

Any guidance would be helpful.

Maybe @marcos.campos , @victor1 or @Pablo can help you… :slight_smile:

Hi @Mahmud,

the current version only has support for two kind of analytic values:

  • program indicators in the context of a single TEI. They can be used to see the evolution of a Program Indicator in a repeatable stage for example.
  • indicators in the context of a single dataset. They can be used to show additional information at data entry screen.

The DHIS2 Android SDK will give support for local analytics in the next version as well as basic Visualizations coming from the server. It is in development right now :slight_smile:

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