Custom data entry form for hospital patient registers



I can help you test the aggregareengine module but i need to know if it is in 2.0.3 or the 2.0.4 RC.

I have tried your suggestion with empty database and still cannot find the “predefined” type

Find attached what i have on my system. I am using the dhis2.0.3.war not dhisLive.

I checked the online demo but its still the same. no “predefined” type there.


You got my point right but i will try out kumar aggregateEngine.




On Wed 31/03/10 2:21 PM , bharath kumar sent:

nopredefinedValue.doc (239 KB)


Now, the problem that I see with this is that as far as I can tell, there is no way to transform a patient attribute into an aggregate data element. What I think you are asking for is a patient domain type data element, with a predefined list as a value, which then gets somehow transformed into an aggregate data element, through a count, depdending on what the user selects? Is this correct?

As far as I know, this is not possible current. Attributes can theoretically consist of predefined attributes, but data elements must be of type number, text, yes/no or date.

In the patient aggregationengine query builder, we can select attributes also. This week i am busy with STQC Testing/bug fixing. But i can try to find some time to prepare documentation for this aggregation engine.

Can you give me some possibile examples for which you need aggregation data from patient data.

like Number of OPV-0 dose given is aggregated dataelemnet which can calculate from PatientData.

Perhaps people more familiar with this model however can comment.


Bharath Kumar. Ch