Custom application installed in DHIS2 does not appear in Standard app list

Hi everyone,
I’m currently working on the implementation of COVAX. Currently, I have an application that is supposed to create a QR code from the data collected in the COVID-19 tracker.

When I install the app using the zip file, in the app management, it installs successfully. However, it doesn’t appear in the Standard app list. I have no error in the logs, DHIS2 does not create any folder for the application in [DHIS2_HOME]/files/apps.

Any ideas would be welcome!!!

Thank you in advance!!

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Hello @toctave, sorry you are experiencing an issue.

Can you share the following to help us diagnose the issue?

  1. The version of DHIS2 you are running
  2. The version of the App Management app you are running (if you have upgraded that app independently)
  3. The zip file of the app you are trying to upload. If this is sensitive for some reason you can share it with me directly.

Thank you,

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Hi @austin, thank you for helping with my issue. To answer your question, I’m running DHIS2 2.33.6 (the stable version), I didn’t upgrade the App Management application independently.
I will inbox you the zip file.
Thanks again.