Cumulative Sum for Indicator in 2.26?

Thanks Jan!
I'll wait for the new version.



2017-03-28 17:34 GMT+02:00 Jan Henrik Øverland <>:

Hi Antonia,

Event visualizer will get this in a week or two.

For pivot tables it is not that straight forward, so we need to think more
about a possible implementation.


On 28 March 2017 at 10:35, Antonia - Pro <> wrote:

very nice! Is it possible to add the "Use cumulative values" also in the
Event visualizer/report


2017-03-28 15:54 GMT+02:00 Aaron White <>:


This is great. Are there plans to also add this functionality to the
Pivot Tables application?

Ideally, being able to define an indicator as a cumulative calculation
in the indicator definition would be the best solution since it would be
defined in one place instead of many. The specific context we’re looking
at is a cumulative TB cure rate which we’d like calculated on a monthly
basis over time.



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Hi Aaron,

I've recently added a "Use cumulative values" option in Data Visualizer
for 2.27.

You can try it out on

If I understand correctly that should give you what you need.

Let me know.


On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 7:01 PM, Aaron White <> wrote:

Greetings DHIS2 users,

We’re setting up a new program in DHIS2 2.26 and are in need of a
running or cumulative sum of all values entered for a specific data
element. For a given month, we’d like to know the total that has ever been
entered for that data element (all previous months + current month value
entered). We’ve tried using the “This Year” view in the Pivot
Tables/Visualizer applications but we would want data from 2016 to continue
into 2017 and so on. We’ve run into a similar challenge when trying to
calculate a moving average over a specified time window.

Has anyone encountered this and how did you solve the problem? We would
like to do this entirely within DHIS2 if possible and avoid any manual
manipulation of the data outside of the program.



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