CSV File Download From Event Report Not Working

Downloading line list from event report as csv file does not download the entire document. It comes only with the headings.

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Please share what version of DHIS2 are you using? If possible please include steps to reproduce this on any of the play.dhis2.org instances?


I am using version 2.38.1. When you click on download (csv), it comes out as a blank document except the columns heading

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Hi @Kenny
Is this only when trying to download as CSV? Are you able to see the data in the web app itself? Could you add the steps to reproduce?

If you can’t see data in the app too then make sure your user has “Data output and analysis” for the specific OU assigned. Additionally, please make sure to run the “analytics tables export” in the Data Administration app.

I can view the data in the app but when click on download as CSV, it downloads a blank document with only the column headings showing. See attached

See attached sample of the blank document it downloaded when I tried downloading the data as CSV file

I have run the analytics table but no success

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Hi @Kenny

I can’t reproduce this issue on play. It’d be helpful if we can reproduce this issue. If you test using Metadata dependency export into another instance and test how it’s reproduced.

Another helpful idea is before clicking on the CSV download could you open the Network tab in the Console (F12) and then see if there’s an error that appears if not please take a screenshot of the Header and the payload (feel free to blur the domain)

Thank you!