Creation of dashboards based on OU groups and/or user groups

Hi all,

While awaiting the new dashboard functionality in 2.13 (see below), I have an immediate need for ensuring that new users are not met with blank dashboards, but rather see something designed for (one of their) user role(s).

Therefore, I’m experimenting with creating dashboards for dummy “ROLEMODEL” users and queries like the one below:

INSERT INTO usersetting

SELECT ui.userinfoid, ‘dashboardConfig’, us.value

FROM userrole ur INNER JOIN userrolemembers urm ON ur.userroleid=urm.userroleid

INNER JOIN userinfo ui ON urm.userid=ui.userinfoid

INNER JOIN userinfo ui2 ON INNER JOIN usersetting us ON ui2.userinfoid=us.userinfoid

WHERE ui2.surname=‘ROLEMODEL’

AND (urm.userid, urm.userroleid) IN

(SELECT DISTINCT ON (userroleid)

userid, userroleid

FROM userrolemembers

WHERE userid IN

(SELECT u.userid

FROM users u LEFT JOIN usersetting us ON u.userid = us.userinfoid

WHERE us.userinfoid IS NULL)

GROUP BY userroleid,userid)

The question would then be how to best have this executed - it could of course be run manually by the DB admin when necessary, or I could create a trigger like this:

Any thoughts or suggestions for better ways to do this?



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Subject: Creation of dashboards based on OU groups and/or user groups
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Since 2.12 is now available in all its glory, one can look towards new functionality.

There are several blueprints regarding the Dashboard:

One issue is automatic filling of dashboards. This could include default fillings:

Or semi-automatic filling of dashboards upon the creation of a new user based on some parameters, for example:

  1. User Role or User Group

  2. User Orgunit (sub-hierarchy)

  3. User Orgunit Type or User Orgunit Group

It would also be nice to have multiple, alternative dashboards:

The challenge here is to avoid enormous complexity while offering administrators a way to make the application seem more welcoming to new users out of the box.

Additionally, we should also be able to add server-side maps to the dashboard (this includes improving the server-generated map solution)

Knut Staring

Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo


Knut Staring

Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo