Creation of dashboards based on OU groups and/or user groups

Since 2.12 is now available in all its glory, one can look towards new functionality.

There are several blueprints regarding the Dashboard:

One issue is automatic filling of dashboards. This could include default fillings:

Or semi-automatic filling of dashboards upon the creation of a new user based on some parameters, for example:

  1. User Role or User Group

  2. User Orgunit (sub-hierarchy)

  3. User Orgunit Type or User Orgunit Group

It would also be nice to have multiple, alternative dashboards:

The challenge here is to avoid enormous complexity while offering administrators a way to make the application seem more welcoming to new users out of the box.

Additionally, we should also be able to add server-side maps to the dashboard (this includes improving the server-generated map solution)


Knut Staring

Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo