Creating a Program Indicator using the same DE across repeatable stage in the same Enrollment

I´m trying to create a Program Indicator that provides an Average of the values captured in the same DE across a repeatable stage happening in the same Enrollment.
The stages happen in the same date. The DE represent a different item every time that the stage is repeated.

So far, I´ve tried using the boundaries but has not worked. I´m using v2.30 of DHIS2

Any help would be much appreciated




Hi @anamariaelsal, tagging @Emma_Kassy to check this.

Thanks James. Will be pending on @Emma_Kassy kind support


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Hi all! Do you have any new info regarding this topic? Looks to me that might not be supported (or maybe a bug?). I’ve been testing with analytic type: events and enrollments, and it seems to have the same result: uses the value from the newest stage.

Thanks again for your help.


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