Creating a program indicator from Open-ended data element

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I have been trying to create a program indicator from an open-ended data element. Say, for example, that you have a data element where a user enters the “Type of Cancer”. I want to count how many types of cancer there are and generate a result such as Type1 = 30, Type2 = 23, Type3 = 32 and so on.

Please help.

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Is there a reason why it needs to be an open ended data element rather than an option set? Using an open-ended data element doesn’t guarantee accurate results because there could be typos and mistakes during data entry; however, using an option set is better because instead of typing the user will choose an option; furthermore, when creating an expression, the comparison is going to be between a definite value rather than a wider range of possibilities.

On this guide, you can find a couple of example with steps on how to create the program indicator, expression and action:

You might also find this video helpful:

Please go through those and post back with an update! Thanks!

Thank you so much for replying and sharing the video. I agree with you. Unfortunately, the client has already entered data in open-ended format for this “type of cancer” data element. I want to get counts of all “type of cancer” the same way SQL does when you group by the “type of cancer” variable and generate their count. After creating the “type of cancer” program indicator, maybe I compare with age group or sex.

Please help. Thank you.

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