Create data element API payload

I want to create data elements on fly. I have found an API to create new data elements , but I can’t find the payload to add in the body. Any help please

Could you please explain what you found exactly?


here is the link of what I found. They say that it is possible to create, read, update, delete, validate any metadata but they don’t provide sample payloads to be used.

The docs mention an example for the constants metadata; however, I will repeat the same example for the Data Elements specifically for your question

First, you need to get to the schema by going to ([server]/api/schemas?fields=href) and for Data Elements we will use the API endpoint ([server]/api/schemas/dataElement).
Second, now that you know the end point, you can figure out the required authorities (for the use to be able to make a successful request) as well as the required properties. For example, we can use this URL [server]/api/schemas/dataElement.json?fields=authorities,properties[fieldName,required]

I wasn’t able to filter out the not required but at least we can then use CTRL + F and search for ‘true’ to find out which ones are required.

The required fields are going to be:
“fieldName”: “aggregationType”
“fieldName”: “domainType”
“fieldName”: “categoryCombo”
“fieldName”: “valueType”
“fieldName”: “zeroIsSignificant”
“fieldName”: “name”
“fieldName”: “shortName”

So now you must include the above fields in the JSON file (or XML) payload, and you can generate an example from existing metadata. For example, here’s a like to get the JSON file format with the required fields: [server]/api/dataElements.json?fields=aggregationType,domainType,categoryCombo,valueType,zeroIsSignificant,name,shortName&filter=domainType:eq:TRACKER&pageSize=1

"name": "DataElementName",
"shortName": "DataElementShortName",
"aggregationType": "DataElementAggregationType",
"domainType": "TRACKER",
"valueType": "DataElementValueType",
"zeroIsSignificant": false or true?,
"categoryCombo": {
"id": "categoryComboID"

And if you are using XML then change the URL from .JSON to .XML

Finally, now that you have created and saved a .json file with all the required fields (and made sure that your user has the required authorities to perform the request), the payload would look like this:

curl -d **the file you created** "http://server/api/dataElements" -X POST
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u user:password

Hope this helps!:+1:

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Thank you very much, this is what I was looking for.

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You’re welcome! :grin: