Could not see registered animals in list in tracker capture

Dear All,

I can not see list of registered animals in tracker capture . even could not generate event report . I verified access to OU and user authorities as well . Please guide !

Hi @drvetmedtariqabbas !

I am not sure whether I can help you to find the cows, but let’s try.

The screenshot does not provide enough information, but here is a quick checklist:

  1. Have the Cow enrolments been completed? check the completed enrollment list.
  2. Can you register a “test” animal and then see if you can access the enrollment?
  3. Does your user have access to tracked entity type? (cow?)
  4. For Event reports: have you run analytics?
  5. Try the api query: …api/trackedEntityInstances?ou= (the uid of the BWP tehsil orgUnit).
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Thanks a lot !

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I tried step 1 to 3 . still error persist.

can not see list , can not generate event report . I reinstalled every thing ! I made video , may be it helps .best wishes

Did you simply want to see a list of all registered entities(animals) on the Tracker Capture page for a given facility?.

  1. In the Maintenace page, navigate to the program
  2. Select Program Details, scroll down and check “Display front page list” then save

Not sure I understood your question, but hope this helps

First thing I see in the video:

The error message when you register the enrolment.
“Program is not assigned to this Organisation Unit”.

Looks like no enrollment is created.

In order to assign the program to the orgUnit, you need to go to (App)Maintenance/Program/Access and assign it to the orgUnits.

Check sharing settings for the TET, Program, make sure the user has access to all applicable orgUnits.
Clean cache.
I hope this will help us find the cow)) :cow2:

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