Converting data element to tracked entity attribute

Dear community,
is there a way data element can be converted into tracked entity attribute and move existing values there,
I am asking this because I think I made a mistake in design and there is a dataelement that I believe I should have made it tracked entity attribute for better analysis.

EX: let suppose I created program called Primary level but in stage called assessment is where I placed class level, which I believe should have been TEA for tracked entity type student. is there a way I can convert this into TEA, if there is a work around on this, kindly support.

Thank you


I’ve had to do something similar, for us the easiest solution was using Bulk Load, the EyeSeeTea application. With the application, after creating a new tracked entity attribute., we could pull all data, then grab the values of the data element and crosswalk them to the correct tracked entity instance and insert them in the newly created tracked entity attribute.