Consulting Opportunity - WHO South Sudan DHIS2 Integration

Greetings all,

WHO-South Sudan is currently recruiting a DHIS2 consultant to be based in Juba for six months to integrate a small, existing reporting stream on health service availability and utilization into the national instance of DHIS2.

We are looking for a team member with strong DHIS2 development skills, especially building new forms and reporting streams in DHIS2, and proven experience working together with government counterparts. The list of consultant responsibilities includes:

  • Learn MOH DHIS2 architecture and devise a clear plan with the WHO project team on the key steps and timeline for integration of HSF database and reporting into DHIS2.
  • Build WHO project data points and definitions into DHIS2 as data elements.
  • Upload existing WHO project database into DHIS2 and provide mechanism for routine database uploads.
  • Liaise with selected partners to pilot WHO project reporting directly into DHIS2. Identify and resolve any challenges.
  • Launch WHO project reporting directly into DHIS2 and support the small group of partners as needed.
  • Produce quality guidance documents and resources on required steps to report into DHIS2 for future partners or staff turnover.
  • Support MOH with other DHIS2-related activities as time and resources allow (aforementioned integration is the clear priority).
  • Meet briefly on a weekly basis with WHO project team to discuss progress and challenges.
  • Submit a summary report at the completion of the consultancy.

Please contact with a CV if this if of potential interest to you and we can share a more detailed TOR.

Thank you and all the best!