Consultancy: custom reports

Good morning all,

Akros is in need of a person or institution who can provide ad hoc support for developing custom, PDF report templates from various DHIS2 instances in several countries.  This support can be provided remotely.  We have no educational or past performance minimum qualifications, you must just show evidence of (a) your ability to deliver in a timely fashion, and (b) your ability to develop complex, custom report templates linked to a DHIS2 instance, such that (i) the report templates will be automatically or semi-automatically populated with metadata, data elements or indicators from DHIS2 tables, (ii) the report templates may be automatically or semi-automatically written to PDF, (iii) the report templates accommodate algorithms (for generating indicators not otherwise calculated in DHIS2) and graphics/logos/visual formatting, and (iv) the report templates may be stored and accessed from within the DHIS2 UI. 

Work to start immediately, pay rate negotiable.  Contact Scott, Laurie (both cc'd above) or myself if you are interested. 

Kind regards,


Benjamin Winters | Country Director, Zambia