Conditional display with checkbox

Hi, Please i would to displays as section if any of the checkbox as been clicked. The picture below can explain clearly what i mean:

I click on any of the checkbox below it should displays this section

if someone can guide me, i will appreciate thank you

Hi @Ornella

  1. Create a program rule variables for example for Céphalées
  2. Create a program rule
    A) with the condition
    #{Céphalées}!= true
    B) Action: hide section: a section name

3.create it for each data element you want to control

@Ulanbek i have done it but the problem that i faced is that in order for the rule to work i need to click on all the check-boxes. To be more clear In order to display the section diagnostic i need to click on all the check-boxes in symptoms, What i want is that if i click on any of the checkbox the section diagnostic should be display.

It is the same. Create for all fields programRuleVariables, and condition should be

#{var1} == true || #{var2} == true || #{var } == true etc.
So if any 9f this variables turns as true, your action will be taken

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@Ulanbek thank you it does not work, i do not understand why normally || (OR) should make it work.

Try to use
#{var1}! = true && #{var2}!= true && #{var3 }!= true then hide the section

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