Compulsory Data Elements on 2.30 Tracker Capture Not Working

Dear all,

We have set some compulsory fields under custom form on DHIS 2.30 instance which was upgraded from 2.26 but compulsory validations for data elements are not being run.

  • 2.30 instance (revision b9ed76b)
  • The user I am testing with doesn’t have “ALL” or “skip validation” authority
  • The program stage has “Complete allowed only if validation passes”

The tracker capture allows me to complete the event without filling in compulsory data elements!!!

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Regrettably, the handling of mandatory/compulsory data elements are not working as expected. I reported a similar issue yesterday, so consider adding your own example or any related comments to that:
JIRA DHIS2-6351 (I picked it up with 2.29, but not surprised that there are similar issues with 2.30).

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Hi, is this issue true for all types of data elements or is it only one type?

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@lukasewvd, We are facing this issue for all types of date elements :frowning: :frowning:

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