Comparing targets set with data entered in the system

Hi guys,
Am implementing a tracker program where I have configured program indicators.

Now there is need to compare targets set per program indicator with the data entered in the system.

I was thinking of creating a separate aggregate form to capture the targets and the data from program indicators. How do I pull data from the program indicators to the aggregate form without doing double entry.

Anyone experienced this, kindly advise.



Hi Bridget,

Not sure I got the requirements right, but sounds like you can use aggregate data elements for your targets and enter target values as aggregate data.

When comparing/analysing your actual values vs targets you can go to Pivot Tables and bring up your program indicators (actuals) and aggregate data (targets) there.

You can also create indicators (aggregate) combining program indicators and aggregate data elements (actuals and targets) if you want to represent this as one value, percentage achieved etc.



Thanks Ola, this is great but I created constants which I made indicators to avoid data entry into another aggregate form.

So I accessed both indicators (targets) and program indicators (Actual) from pivot tables.