Combined aggregation types are not working from 2.35 - 2.38

I have already made a JIRA here but wanted to post in the CoP as well to try and get some more attention on this!

I have tested on play 2.35 up to dev, and with the exception of Average (sum in org unit hierarchy), all variable aggregation types return nothing in analytics for data elements or program indicators.

Perhaps a backported change caused this? Otherwise these have just not been working on any major releases of DHIS2 for the last year or so, which is surprising!

It would be great if core features like this had some kind of tests to check if they were still working before a release was made.


Thanks @plinnegan! While I’m looking at this issue, I’d like to summarize the point please! There is a list of aggregation types which seem not to work for Program Indicators nor Data Elements “with the exception of Average (sum in org unit hierarchy)” it works for Data Elements and not Program Indicators.

At this point I tried reproducing the issue for Average (sum in org unit hierarchy) [on the Data Visualizer app] and it’s not working like you said. I will try to assist you further by asking for further support.

Update: I’m also trying this same indicator on the Events Report app but it’s showing results (unlike the Data Visualizer app)

But the Data Visualizer isn’t showing the results:

Thank you!

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