Color set does not show in data visualizer

Dear community greetings,

Chart color setting in data visualizer does not show to change chart color?

DHIS2 version: 2.32.8 = color set does not show
DHIS2 version: 2.35.10 = color set show

Does the version matter in this regard? is this the version problem?
assist me please in this regard.

Jan Agha Stanikzai


Yes, the version matters because older versions which are no longer supported don’t get updates.(Which also means if there’s a bug and it got fixed, it’d not be automatically backported to the unsupported older versions.)

Thank you! I hope you find a solution in the instance that you are using. @janagha it might still help if you share the logs from the console and network tab (in dev tools) so it might give a hint about how solve the issue.