Choosing Authorities in 2.31

Version: 2.31.5
Build revision: 78d5868

I am creating a user role which will allow dataset locking and unlocking (via the Data Administration / Lock Administration Management tool.)

Per the 2.31 User Authorities list here: I would assume the proper authorities would be Lock Data Set (F_DATASET_LOCK) or perhaps Data Admin Locking (F_DATAADMIN_LOCK|) / Data Admin Unlocking (F_DATAADMIN_UNLOCK). However none of these options are available under the System section in User Role Management.

I was able to get the desired result by granting access to the Data administration app (in the Apps section) and then giving access for Add/Update Public and Delete for Data Set (in the Metadata section) but this doesn’t seem ideal as I would assume that also allows further control of data sets (i.e., creating and deleting data sets if given access to the Maintenance app.) Furthermore, there are many more authorities I cannot see such as authorities related to Analytics (Datamart). The list of authorities in the user documentation seems to far outnumber the options available to me using the User Role Management tool. Am I missing something? TIA.

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