Changing the TEI registration form

Hi everyone,

Is it possible for me to change the yellow highlighted below to my own. I tried to navigate through the registration form but I wasn’t fruitful. Furthermore, when I add sections on my registration form they do not reflect.


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Hi @Tangy,

This is only possible in the Capture app and not the Tracker Capture app.

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You’re welcome, here’s the related Jira issue for more info: [DHIS2-8324] - Jira

Thank you, It would have been good thou if we had such options.

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You’re welcome! For a future perspective, the docs does mention that the Tracker Capture app will one day be replaced by the Capture app:


The Capture app serves as a replacement for the Event Capture app. In the future, the Tracker Capture app and the Data Entry app will also be incorporated into the Capture app.
Capture - DHIS2 Documentation

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TEI custom registration forms are only available in Capture app.