Categrory combitnation of Yes and No and Comment

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How are you? I m having the following problem and I need your urgent assistance.

DHIS2 doesn’t have an option for Yes/No/Partial Data value with comments column. And , I m trying to tweak the desing in my way or some sort of advancement.

I m trying to model the following form on dhis2 form designer.

                                Yes  No Partial       Comment
documentation and record?       1      0    0         remark!

So what should i do to achive the above ?

This what i have tried so far but not to the point i want.


I think the best way to collect this information would be to use Tracker and not Aggregate.
Which would make it much more flexible in a sense you can create your own optionsets to cater for the Yes/No/Partial Responses and assign these to the data elements. Adding comments might be another data element.
NOTE: DHIS does not analyse text inputs.

Let me know if you need more information.
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Thanks @Emma_Kassy but you cant add tracker data element into a dataset? How can you develop this into a form based data collection ?

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Can you give me some link or exmple please ?

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How many data elements are collecting this kind of data?
Anyway, you can still create an optionset with values Yes/No/Partial assign it to a data element of Aggregate domain Type. The data value type should be Text and Catcombo should be None. I am not sure how this would affect your analysis, so test this to make sure you get the right results.
See image attached for further guidance.

The output should look like this:

Let me know if you need more information.