Category combinations with three categories

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DHIS2 certainly supports more than two categories. Maybe give us a few more details, and define what you mean by “ignored”.




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Hi all,

I tried to create a category combination with three categories, but unfortunately dhis2 ignored the 3rd category, is not possible this scenario?

I appreciate

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I think Olav is right. Here is a recent thread discussing the confusion around this (including arguments both against and in favor of the current setup):

On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 9:02 AM, Olav Poppe wrote:

I’ve faced something similar before, and if I remember correctly the key here is this:

new dataset and assigned this data set to a given organization unit group I had created.

Assignment through orgunit groups «override» whatever other assignments you have made. So I think if you remove the dataset from that group, things will return to normal. Then you can use the group instead in the regular «data set assignment» page to assign the dataset to the group members.

This behaviour is a bit strange in my opinion, as I think most people will assume that if they assign something through a group AND manually, the orgunit will have access all those datasets.


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