Capture App starting from v.2.36 crashes when listing events

A few days ago we tried to update our system from v.2.33 to 2.36.10.
Our system started crashing continuously using the Event Capture App, the only data entry system with which data is entered into our system.
There were multiple issues with the New Capture App, which combined the Event end Tracker Capture, for the Events Programs, which I described in the Jira issue, listed below.
We tried to upgrade to v. 2.37.6, where I see that one of the issues was fixed, but the main issue causing the crashes was still present - crash of the system when listing the events after download of the events or simply after entering data.
The problem arises more if the database is bigger, therefore it is not always reproducible on the DEMO server, but I managed to reproduce it in the Jira issues anyway.
We were forced to restore the backup of the our old version 2.33 and upgrade to the 2.35.13, which is the latest version with the Capture App for the event capture, separated from the tracker capture!
I tried all the latest versions - 2.36.10, 2.37.6, 2.38.0 and the bugs are present.

Please, ask the dev team to resolve the bugs, because we can’t upgrade our instant to the newest DHIS2 versions and the 2.35 is the next version to be no more supported @Karoline @phil

Here the related JIRA issues
DHIS2-13266 - Capture App starting from v.2.36 crashes when listing events
DHIS2-13267 - Capture App v.2.36 and up - Missing Event Count and Goto End of the list
DHIS2-13268 - Capture App v.2.36.10 Download Many More Events than in the OrgUnit/Program



Thanks for flagging these issues @antonia !
We will follow them up.

Kind regards,

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