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I would be grateful if someone could please confirm:

If, for version, in the Capture-app, the download option only becomes available after an Event program and corresponding Org Unit has been selected, and is unavailable when a Tracker program, and relevant Org Unit, is selected.
Tested on DHIS2 Play*

Thank you.

Hi @TaraRichards,

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Yes, you are correct! However, you can use the DevTools Network tab (F12 → Network) to track the requests and download as CSV or JSON. If you don’t see a request to the /trackedEntityInstances then probably clearing the cache will make it appear. Please see GIF:

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Hi @Gassim ,

Thank you for your kind welcome and helpful response!

In v2.37 the download button still exists in Tracker Capture on the Tracker Capture home page after selecting an Org Unit and Program; those unfamiliar with DevTools can continue to use that.

I wrote the below response/question while:
(a) Focusing primarily on download options for the Capture App (not the Tracker Capture App)
(b) Taking into consideration the phasing out of the Tracker Capture app with
the Capture App in versions beyond v2.37/8
, and the possible nullification of the Tracker
Capture download button
(c) Supposing the user is unacquainted with the DevTool methods demonstrated in the solution to the original response

Previous versions (including v2.37) with the ‘Tracker Capture’ app have maintained a download option:

Using ‘Download as’ > ‘CSV’ it was possible to download the ‘Tracked Entity List’ which contained not only standard details about the TEIs, but also their respective attributes.

Example DHIS2 Play v2.35 Tracker program ‘Malaria case diagnosis, treatment and investigation’: download button

As shown in the above example, in v2.35 when ‘download as’ was selected, the attributes for the TEIs were included in the CSV download.

However, using the Capture App, the method you’ve demonstrated in the GIF for v2.37, CSV download of TEI, TEI details appear but not their respective ‘attributes’.

Example DHIS2 Play v2.37 Tracker program ‘Malaria case diagnosis, treatment and investigation’: TEI specific download

Question: Using the same method you’ve demonstrated in your initial response, in the Capture App, can you please confirm in v2.37 to download TEI attributes using CSV, it is necessary to download the Tracked Entity Attributes data separately?

Notes after further review:

  1. The Line Listing App in v2.38 may address this issue depending on download options and their results
  2. For the versions mentioned in the text: I’m aware you can use the API in both cases, however, users who are unfamiliar with the API may wonder about the download options if (a) a similar download option no longer exists for Tracker programs, and (b) does not download the same TEI details at once.

Thank you