Capture app does not display newest events

Hi Team,
I am using the new capture app on DHIS2 version 2.40, and for all events program, new events cant be displayed on the list. data are recorded, I can list them using line listing app. What could be the issue? The instance has so far 4,842,502 programInstance and 12,680,784 programStageInstance

@mutali - Do you mean that newly added events are not listed on the top of the working list in Capture app after being added and go back to the list?
Do they ever show up - for example when the page is refreshed?

They dont show up on the list, even after refresh

Hi @mutali

What about checking the Guest mode in your browser to ensure that it’s not a cache issue? Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help

If it works when using Guest mode then it was a cache issue.

You also mentioned that it’s working in the Line Listing app but not in the web Capture app, so I’d compare between the API requests that are being sent when the results are requested from the Line Listing app verses when requested from the Capture app.

If you could share those API requests from both apps, it’d be great to compare and see why one is returning existing data and the other isn’t.


Hi Gassim,
its not cache issue, I even changed computers. Its seems data display are stack on a particular date on capture list.

I do have another bug which for now I dont the cause, for tracker program, the auto generated ids for some TEI is not generated. Is it a know bug for version 40?

Hi @mutali

Okay, thanks, it’s good to know we cleared the cache issue out of the way. BTW, changing computers is not enough, sometimes we want to make sure to clear server cache from the Data Administration app (Maintenance → Clear application cache).

So it’s not clear for me, you mentioned it’s working in the Line Listing app and not the Web Capture app?