Can't get a relationship type to show up in the add relationship dialog box

In the maintenance app I have created. relationship the called “Sex Partner”. I have also created a program called “test”. I’ve registered a person, and assigned them to the test program. When I go to the person’s dashboard, and in the relationship box I click add, the pop up does not have “Sex Partner” in it. SP looks exactly like the ones that do show up, it’s a relationship between 2 persons, which the “Mother to Child a to b” type has. The both look identical.
How do I get a new relationship type to show up in the popup dialog. box?
I’m using the d2 scripts: 4.2.2, and using the command line:

d2 cluster up 2.39.0 --db-version 2.39

I’ve found one other community question that seems to be on topic, but the links provided in the response only take me to the top of the docs, and not to the specific pages anymore :frowning:

Welcome back to the community @Jim.Barrows (:

Please make sure that the relationship type has the ‘Can capture and view’ enabled for the user selecting the relationship in the app.

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Thank you so much!!! What a weird place to put such an important setting. Very non-intuitive