Can't add visualization to dashboard- No Add button

Possible Duplicate from 7 months ago with no resolution: Can't add items to a dashboard, dhis2 version 2.27

I have a development instance up for testing. It is running the latest DHIS2 docker image from Docker Hub (2.28?). Everything works as expected so far, EXCEPT that I cannot see the ADD button when trying to add a visualization to a dashboard.

This is all dummy data so permissions are wide open for the user and group as far as I understand (I’ve double and triple checked). The chart is shared and accessible publicly, as well as to the group. However, when I get to the Dashboard page, and I make a new dashboard, I can search for my visualization fine, but cannot see the “Add” button to add it to the dashboard.

There are no errors in the logs, however, the console is showing a 400 bad request After I reload the page:,dashboardItems[:all,reports[id,displayName],chart[id,displayName],map[id,displayName],reportTable[id,displayName],eventReport[id,displayName],eventChart[id,displayName],resources[id,displayName],users[id,displayName]]&_=1556122048688 400 (Bad Request)

To me this shows that it is a bad request because the Dashboard doesn’t have any items so in fact its expected because I can’t Add any… But I’m not sure if the error is a part of a larger symptom.

A call to /api/dashboards returns my dashboards with their ID and displayName, nothing else (again, as expected).

Does anyone have an idea or experience with something like this? I’m not sure where to go from here in terms of troubleshooting. It seems like a permissions thing to me but I don’t know enough.

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A Screenshot for Reference. You can see there is no option to Add the visualization

EDIT: I’ve stood this up on a fresh server, using the dhis2/dhis2-web docker image and the pgracio/dhis2 docker compose file.

As the default super-user, I created an OU, a dataset with one data element, and then created a chart to visualize it (making sure it is public). I then ADDed a dashboard, searched the Chart, and still no button to Add the chart to the visualization.

I’m guessing this is something I’m missing and clearly unaware about but…

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@jomutsani have you seen any similar problems or has there been something similar reported into JIRA?


Hi @Scott,

This conversation continued on another thread: Can't add items to a dashboard, dhis2 version 2.27 Where @chase.freeman found and sorted the issue.


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To be specific I didn’t find the root cause but found a way around it. I believe my issue arose due to the docker image.

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