Cannot initialise react app using d2 scripts init on mac (M3 Sonoma)

Hi, on the command: d2 app scripts --debug init .

I get the error:

error Couldn’t find any versions for “@dhis2-ui/portal” that matches “9.4.1”
info Visit yarn add | Yarn for documentation about this command.
Error: Couldn’t find any versions for “@dhis2-ui/cover” that matches “9.4.1”

My yarn is v 1.22.21

Can anyone advise?

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Hello @aarelaponin

I believe there is something wrong with the latest version of @dhis2/ui package which is a dependency installed during the initialization of the project. This also happens if you install the package separately using yarn add @dhis2/ui.

@Rene may we have your assistance on this :pray:



Thanks for reporting this issue @aarelaponin and pinging me @nnkogift. The team has looked into it and noticed an error occurred when deploying the version you’ve used.

They’ve redeployed and a new version is now published. We recommend you to remove what you have now, and re-initialize with d2 app scripts init.

Let us know if that works

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thank you! That is working now!!