Cannot delete Tracked entity attribute


I’m a new user of DHIS2 and currently facing a problem while I try to delete the test tracker from the instance. I’ve already cleaned up all other things such as data elements and program rules. It is shown that “Could not delete due to association with another object : TrackedEntityAttributeValue.”
I’ve deleted all others except program stages and organization units becos I cannot due to same warning messsage.

DHIS2 version is 2.33.4

Thanking in advanced for your help.


Helo @Wut_Yee Sometimes this used to happen even if every dependency is deleted . But to make sure can you share us more screenshots

  1. Screenshots of the entire screen during warning.
  2. Screenshots of the different tabs of the program.
  3. Screenshots of the ‘Tracked entity attribute management’ tab

Also do you have access to backend of dhis2? postgres access and catalina log files?

Dear @jthomas Thank you for the quick response for my issue, and I’m sorry my delay reply. Actually I could not delete some data elements as well. Please kindly check screenshots for warning messages which came up from deleting DE, Track Entity Attributes and Program Stage.

For the screenshots for the different tabs of the program, there will be many pages to show, what do you want to see?

I don’t have access to backed of dhis2. My access level to the instance is Super User.

Thanks again.

Did you enter any data for this program? May be you have to delete the data you entered.

Hi @jthomas … thank you for the swift response. I’ve deleted all enrollments before.
May be I’ll ask the person who has access to backend to check and delete for this time.

Thank you anyway.

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