Can you hide data in a specified field in tracker capture?

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We use DHIS2 in a variety of community projects, working with often criminalised or stigmatised populations (where data is being collected via the mobile app by members of the community). We are considering whether to use it for some of our projects documenting human rights violations. Therefore data security is very important.

In Tracker Capture, we would like to be able to restrict access to view the data for selected data elements or tracked entity attributes. We would like to restrict it so that only the user who entered the data can see these fields (such as a person’s HIV status, or their sexuality)- and that other users in the same org unit working on the same programme cannot see this data.

I know we can restrict what people see in Analytics, but if you are a user sharing an org unit, my understanding is that you can see all of the data others in the org unit have entered. Without setting up a new org unit for every user, is this possible? Could you point me in the direction of any documentation about this?

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I don’t have an answer for this, but I’m also really interested to know if there is a way to do this! Commenting to bump this up :slight_smile:



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