Can we exclude a holiday from calculations of reporting rate / log report

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Our case study has observed a practical problem. When we generate some sort of Log Report OR Reporting Rate Summary , for daily data entry, the reporting rate displayed is low, because our facilities do not report on Sunday , and other holidays. Is there a way , that we can exclude sunday and specific holidays from these calculations ?


@Gassim , may be some expert view here please

I am facing same issue as mentioned by Mr. @ahmed685. Is there any progress in this domain please ? @Gassim @juan

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Hello @ahmed685,

No there is no way to exclude certain days from the automatic reporting rate summary generated by DHIS2 for daily reporting rates.

There are several workarounds however, the first is that you can generate your own reporting indicator by having a data element that is the number of reporting days each month. This will allow you to do month by month reporting rate analysis. The same could be done using week by week. These can be entered nationally.

Then you will need to use a predictor to count the number of facilities that reported. You’ll have to choose one or a few data elements that would count as your proxy for reporting. The predictor generator will be something like if(DEUID > 0,1,0) or isNotNull(DEUID). You’ll then need to set the sequential sample count and annual sample count to 0. You can schedule the predictor to run nightly in the scheduler app.

This is obviously a bit more advanced, but it does work. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Another possible solution would be to use a special “analytics hook” which can be used to manipulate the analytics tables after they have been generated (but before they have been indexed). I think you would have to a data set (or data element) for whether the facility was open or closed. Using this data element (by facility and period) you could then determine whether their report should contribute to the overall reporting rate or not.

I have not tried this, and am not sure that it is so straightforward, but I think it could be done even without the use of predictors. The trick would be determining what the actual number of expected reports per month should actually be, but in order to determine this, I think you would need a definitive data source, such as a data element like “Facility was in service”, which would be collected at the same frequency as the main data set.

But as @Scott points out, there is no out of the box solution for this. Currently, facilities are modeled to be either open or closed, but not periodically open and closed.

Let us know how you solve this and if you need further input.

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