Can has the Event query return result with DE name in returned <datavalue/> element

I have done some events query, api/events?.. the return result like :


but I want the returned result more readable like :

<dataValue dataElement=“OqlIeDl2uZ2” dataElementName=“create_data” value=“2019-09-10”/>

how can I do?


Hi Linxd,

Can you be more specific? (I think your examples didn’t show up in the post.)

Could you perhaps post a sample Play Demo API query here?

Regards, Sam.

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Hi @linxd

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s working even if you use the parameter “dataElementIdScheme=NAME”

There’s a bug in the new tracker and probably the old tracker as well: [DHIS2-14968] - Jira

maybe useful to add extra fields: dataElementName/code

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