Calling currently logged in user in a widget

Dear Community,
is there a way that currently logged in user(may be username or first name) can be displayed in feedback widget in a static text? I want to display a text that a logged in user can read for interviewee before starting interview(I am trying to use DHIS2 in conducting interview)
@Gassim your assistance is always highly appreciated



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Hi @Pacifique_Hategekima,
It’s possible for APIs and apps to get current user details but I’m not sure if this is possible directly in the Tracker Capture app (or the web Capture app).

Please explain further how this would be used and which app you’re planning on using? The Android Capture app or web Tracker Capture?

As for the text, why not save it into a constant and display it in the forum? I haven’t tried to be honest!