Calculations as data type not showing in Data visualizer in 2.40.0

I read that one of the new features of 2.40 in an On-the-fly custom calculations in Data Visualizer. When I checked the I can see it as shown in the image below.

But when I checked mine in my dev instance it is not showing.

What version of dhis2 are you using?

Note that we don’t use 2 for version 40+ :slight_smile:

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean by this.

I clone the branch tag 2.40.0 as seen in the image below


Thanks! Nice catch. It might be updated in later versions. In the last webinar @austin explained that the version naming from version 40 and above will change, so instead of 2.40 it will be 40.
Listen for a minute here:


Thanks @Gassim, it will take some time to switch the versioning scheme, so it’s not a problem to refer to it as 2.40 sometimes. For example the tags in the core repository still use version numbers with a 2. prefix.

@jetisco4u it does look as though you should be running 40.0.0 if you built from that tag. However you might have a different version of the Data Visualizer application installed, you can find out by visiting the App Management App - you might have an older version installed, or you might need to install the latest version from the App Hub.


I updated the data visualizer and had to reload the app from the server for it to reflect.

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