Calculating minimum number of sessions in a tracker program

I think I’ve seen discussions about this before but I can’t figure out the right words to search to pull them up.
I have tracker programs where I track participants who attend multiple events (session 1 is a program stage, session 2 is a program stage, session 3 and so on). I can easily make program indicators to count the number of people who attended session 1, session 2, session 3. But does anyone know how I could set up an indicator for the number of TEIs who attended at least 10 sessions (out of 12), without specifying every single “or” combination?

Hey @Natalie,
@tracker-programRules, I hope someone will be able to reply to you soon!

Hey @Natalie_Tibbels !
Maybe you can use the d2:count…() functions? This will allow counting how many times a certain data element or value has been collected within the enrollment. Perhaps it could work making a enrollment count enrollment type program indicator with a filter like this:
(d2:count(#{programStage1}.{dataElementA}) + d2:count(#{programStage2}.{dataElementA}) + d2:count(#{programStage3}.{dataElementA})) > 10