Calculate an indicator monthly and display it in a dataset

Hi, Community
In a data set, I want to display a calculated indicator for the month that corresponds to the selected input period.
this indicator calculates the amount of drug dispensed; I want this dispensed quantity to be calculated and displayed in the selected period dataset automatically.
Can anyone help me to do this?
Thank you

Hi @elmoujarrade,

It’s not exactly clear what specifically you are trying to work on; however, I have these tips to begin with.

From your post, I assume you already created the indicator Create Indicator | DHIS2 Documentation Therefore, I will skip to what seems to be the request which is to display an indicator in a dataset.

Datasets are of different types! Indicators and data elements can’t be displayed on the dataset until added to the dataset’s metadata configuration i.e. the form when you create the dataset.

The data elements and indicators need to be first added to the dataset, and after choosing the dataset type, the next step is to choose if you will use a custom dataset or section. Finally, make sure that your settings are saved.

I hope this helps! Thanks! (:

Thank you for your support,
This approach that you proposed to me is already done.
Now I will give more detail of what I want.
Step 1: I created a monthly data set, on which we will enter data on the stock status of a drug. this dataset contains data elements and also an indicator that measures the amount of medicine dispensed daily from a tracker program.
Step 2: I am looking to display the amount of medicine dispensed monthly on the dataset.
Thank you

Hi @elmoujarrade,

I think you might be affected by this bug, am I correct?

Please add your vote and comment to the Jira to get it more prioritization! :+1:

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