Bulk load App for tracker program

Hello @ifoche & all , was trying to use bulk load app for tracker programs.

Would like to confirm one thing? May be we need to bulk load enrollments first and then take that tei id and populate in events sheet right, otherwise it may not be able to co-relate which events belongs to which enrollment.

This means during tracker program uploads we need two iterations?

Is my understanding correct?

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Hi @jthomas .

When you go tracker, Bulk Load can do that for you. Basically what you do is that in the tab where you register the TEIs (TEI instances) you provide an id that is internal to the Excel sheet. The app will recognize if the TEI id is a DHIS2 UID or something that you invented as an internal reference. In case you use a DHIS2 UID, that TEI will be updated, and otherwise a new one will be created. Then in the other tabs (the program stages ones) you use that reference to link the events with the TEI, in their “TEI id” column.

When uploading that into Bulk Load, the app will automatically detect those links and associate the events to the appropriate TEI. You’ll actually see 2 separate summaries of the upload process, one for the TEIs and another one for the events, but it is transparent for you, you don’t need to upload 2 separate sheets.

I hope that helps.



Super helpful Nacho @ifoche working like magic with internal ids 1,2,3 etc. Thank You