Bugs in Tabular reports (2.13 and 2.14)

Dear dev community,

I have found different problems using Tabular reports:

  1. In Data Items tab, when the user selects one person attribute with predefined values (gender, marital status, …), the selected item does not appear as a dropdown list (“male”, “female”), but free text. Dropdown lists are only properly showed when Data Item is a Data Element of some event. However…

  2. Filtering is not working with selected values in a dropdown list: when the user clicks on the update button, the screen shows “Loading” but nothing else happens. However, if the user instead of selecting an option just manually writes the option value, the filter works properly. It is a bit messy.

I have tested 1) and 2) in 2.13 and 2.14 (Sierra Leone Demo), and these bugs are presented in both versions.

  1. When you have several pages to display, and the user clicks on the ‘next page’ button, the screen does not refresh automatically (the user has to presh the update button again).

I have only tested 3) in the 2.13

I have to give a DHIS2 seminar this week, so I really will appreciate very much if you could sort this out in the coming days.

Many thanks