Bug on Event Capture app (DHIS2.25, R.0a8fe47)

Dear team,

I’m using Event Capture app on DHIS2.25 version. found one bug:

I create a program (without registration) and use it with Event capture app. In the Event capture app, my account can see program in program selection box.


But when I change to other computer with the same account or user role, but I cannot see program name in the list. It also happens if I clear browser cache. After clearing browser cache, I have to upgrade the program version in other for it to display in program selection list.

The problem is the end user don’t have authority to go to program management to upgrade program version for first time using or after clear the cache.



Company: HISP-Vietnam

Name: Em Le Hong

Phone: +84 126 7171 650

Skype: em.hispvietnam