Bug Downloading in event report DHIS2 2.30

Hi there,

We have just upgraded our DHIS2 2.25 into 2.30. We notice that in event reports we can’t download the report (as excel) and can’t move to the next page.

any help would be appraciated.


Hi @pa_trick67
What is the build of 2.30 you are using?
Additionally, did you run the upgrade scripts as required for each version?


Hi @Emma_Kassy,

We have Build revision:

and ran scripts for each version.


Hi @pa_trick67, Sorry your experiencing an issue with event reports. Given that the table you want to download is 8 pages, it is likely that it is too big for the standard download functionality. I suggest you use an SQL script and pull that amount of data from the API.

Also, unfortunately 2.30 is no longer a supported version and is a couple of years old now, so there is little we can do to help you if you are experiencing a bug. I highly suggest that you continue to upgrade to 2.33 or 2.32.


Hi @Scott,
It still not work even there are 2 pages sometimes it works in csv format.
Any way, thank you for your assistance, we may be have to upgrade to version 2.32.


Just bringing this up again as we have been experiencing issues with using the event report app and downloading data.
First of all, this feature no longer works for us.

When we try to use it, we get this error in the console:

Nothing shows up in the logs to indicate what is going on.

We have a report that is 1 page with 84 records but both CSV and Excel download options do not work. I tried the HTML option and this is the result


This is also what shows when I try to download as CSV.

We are now using the Plain Data Source option to download the reports