[Branch ~dhis2-devs-core/dhis2/trunk] Rev 200: - Applied proper code style.

Actually, something really weird has happened to all the Portugues files, they are all literally 1000 times as big as they should be.

Something weird is going on - I thought it was duplication every time one saves using the Resource Editor, but Sunny was unable to replicate the problem:


Personally, I would like to see a transition to using Launchpad’s very nice web based translation, but that probably requires quite a lot of work changing to gettext instead of properties:




On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 4:55 PM, noreply@launchpad.net wrote:

revno: 200

committer: Lars Helge Oeverland larshelge@gmail.com

  • Removed most of the portoguese translation file, it was on 9 MB, how put this one here really?