BNA Linked Action Tracker App v1.0.0 Released

Hi all,
The BNA Linked Action Tracker app v1.0.0 has been released with many features and improvements. The Action Tracker is part of the bottleneck and scorecard cascade that utilizes DHIS2 analytical features to assess national and sub-national level performance of key priority interventions aimed at improving health service delivery and health outcomes. It is a tool that helps improve effective coverage of priority interventions at sub-national level by tracking actions taken to address the root causes of key bottlenecks in the health interventions. Additional documentation can be found in the DHIS2 manual for the Action Tracker App which has also been translated into French.

The Action Tracker App is developed and maintained by the HISP Community (University of Oslo (UiO), HISP-Tanzania and HISP Uganda) in collaboration with UNICEF-ESARO. The Action Tracker v1.0.0 is available for download on the DHIS2 App Hub.

A list of features can be found here: Action Tracker App1.0.0 Release Note . The Action Tracker app supports DHIS2 releases 2.28 - 2.34.

The app is also available for practice and learning on training instance available here: Release Candidate Demo.


Well done Eric!

Thanks for great work done

Thanks for the information

That’s great, thanks to all those who worked relentlessly to develop this app.

Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update…!!!:pray:

Hello, @Eric_Munyambabazi and team.
Thanks for the great work done on this app.

I wanted to ask: From the above message, the BNA Linked Action Tracker supports DHIS2 releases 2.28 - 2.34 from when it was released.
Can’t it support any new version of DHIS2 from 2.34 and above so far?

I am using it on the DHIS2 v2.35.11 instance, but somehow misbehaving. (Refer to the attached image)

  • It doesn’t show the pre-defined status options (i.e: Completed, In progress, …)

However, it works on DEMO INTANCE you shared above.

  • Also, on the action planning part, it doesn’t show anything on status.

Let me know if anyone has a workaround on this … Or if I’m missing something.


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Thanks for introducing these features…

Hello, @Josue Thanks for sharing this. The team has replicated issues and resolved them, we are currently finalizing internal testing before we release the patch release for this app. We will keep you posted once the new patch release has been released.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you so much @chingalo for the information and action taken on this concern. The great work you’re doing is highly appreciated.

Standing by for the updates.


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