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In a tracker program on a Dhis2 2.36 instance when transferring a patient from an organization unit “A” to another organization unit “B” when the user of the organization unit “B” wants to open the TEI dashboard a blank page for transferred TEI is displayed.
Does the user from organization unit “B” need to have specific authority to view the TEI Dashboard transferred from organization unit “A”?

Can anyone help me to fix this problem.


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Hi @elmoujarrade

Thank you for your question! And sorry for the late response.

If the user has capture authority for OU ‘B’ then the dashboard for any TEI that is referred to OU ‘B’ will be accessible.

There is a difference between ‘One time referral’ and ‘permanent referral’. One time referral will give user ‘B’ access for one event whereas the permanent referral will give the ownership to the OU that ‘B’ has capture access rights to, so accessing the TEI dashboard will require that the user has at least view rights to the OU that has the TEI ownership.

I recommend checking out this video lecture by @Shurajit_Dutta from the DHIS2 Tracker Configuration Academy 2022. I will share the link at the demo time for breaking the glass but before the demo, Shurajit explains more about ownership and breaking the glass: Tracker Configuration Academy 2022 Day 6 Part 3 - YouTube

Are you clearing the browser cache? Could you please check the Network tab for any errors, make sure the Network tab is open [F12 → Network] and then refresh the blank page, do you see any errors?


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Hi, @Gassim
Thank you for your support.
I would like to have the ppt presentation.

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You’re welcome! Please check out where you can find the training material including PDFs with exercises in the courses. Hope you will benefit from the site.

Thank you!

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