Auto-generate event property

Hi all,

All stages in my tracker program are repeatable stages. Unless I want to make automatic schedules, is ir advisable to mark all stages as auto-generate? On android devices, when I click on a stage, it shows an Add button and the current date at the same time. This confuses the users. If the user clicks on the add button to add an event, two events are created: one with the current date and another with the selected report date.


I think I have to unmark auto generate event property.

Looking forward to inputs


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Hi @fernando,

As you correctly mentioned, if you have a need to create an event with an specific date, the “auto-generate” feature should be enabled. If this feature is marked, once the user finishes with the registration form, an event under that stage will be created (based on the “Scheduled days from start”).

If the user is the one who needs to create the event manually (with the current or previous dates) then the “auto-generate” feature should be disable. In your case this will prevent from having two events.

Also, if that view of the events is a bit confusing you can change it to “timeline view” which will display the list of all the events created. You can see it in my example below.

Events by stage

Events timeline

I hope this is helpful to you but please don’t hesitate to ask any other question.