Authority to save data in event program

What is the authority that allow users to save event data in the user authority? users are not seeing entered data in the system. I am using DHIS2 2.30 build 2ca875e.

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Check your sharing setting for the data elements and anything related to make sure users see data entered.
I have attached image to show which authority you need to for users to see data.


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Hi @Derebe,

The authority to add, update and delete data values can be set in the Users app, as shown by @Emma_Kassy.

However, if the issue is regarding only seeing the data at all, you need to make sure the user has access to view the data in 2 places:

  1. OrgUnit access. This is located in the Users app. Find the user and make sure they have the correct OrgUnits set. Users can only see data from the same OrgUnit defined here, or lower in the hierarchy.
  2. Data Sharing access. This can be found in the maintenance app. Make sure that the Data Element (And Program Stage and Program if tracker or event program) have their sharing set to “Data View” at least for the relevant metadata.

Hope this helps you solve the issue.

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@Stian and @Emma_Kassy Thank you. By the way the problem is not only seeing the data by the user but also the data not being saved and is not seen by admin. Does your suggestion also solve this?
kind regards,

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If the user is able to input data, but it is not being saved, that sounds like a different issue. If you can confirm all the access is correct and this issue still consists, I would suggest you create a new bug-issue on jira (, describing your setup, your version of DHIS2 and how to reproduce the issue.

If you are able to reproduce the issue on one of the demo servers, that would also help a lot (

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