Authority to access Data Quality app

Hi all,

In 2.31.5 I realized that 2.31.5 in order for user to access Data Quality app, we need to give them an authority called: Perform maintenance tasks
this’s really strange because Perform maintenance tasks is located in Data Administration module
but if we don’t give that authority, they will get Access denied screen

I’'m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature

Notes: Clean browser cache if you want to test.

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Hi @em.hispvietnam,

Just seen this on JIRA and it was resolved a while back by @Lars and team. Let me follow it up and revert as soon as I can.


@em.hispvietnam - Been informed that the fix version for this is DHIS2 2.31.6. which is a patch release expected to be out later this month.

Thanks @jomutsani, we will wait then

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DHIS 2.31.6 is out now where this has been fixed.

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